Future Plastic Packaging in the circular economy

The consortium of industrial and institute partners support the project with financing and broad technological knowledge

The FuturePack consortium includes several of the major players and stakeholders in the Norwegian packaging industry and is unique in the joint drive for competence and knowledge. The expected knowledge generation and the planned knowledge platform, dissemination and communication will benefit politicians, decision makers and Norwegian society as a whole.

The consortium of industrial and institute partners support the project with financing and broad technological knowledge.

Industry partners:

  • BAMA Gruppen AS
  • Tine AS
  • Nortura AS
  • Norgesgruppen AS
  • Elopak AS
  • Bewi AS
  • Orkla ASA
  • Mills DA
  • Grønt Punkt Norge AS

Research and technology institutes:

  • Norner Research AS
  • Nofima AS
  • Østfoldforskning AS

Relevance for Norwegian industry

  • The group of partner companies consist of packaging producers, food producers and whole sellers as well as recyclers. They all see significant value in improved sustainability including recycling and implementation of fossil free materials. These initiatives will reduce their cost and increase profits as well as attractiveness in the market. Their strategies include targets for energy saving, GHG reduction, increased recyclability and value of recycling as well as implementation of renewable materials and packaging.
  • The Norwegian forest-based sector is in need of new, large volume users of forest-based products. The upcoming algae industry may find opportunities for use of rest residual raw materials in high volume applications. The waste management industry will find opportunities for value addition of its material streams. The Norwegian polyolefins industry may find new opportunities, and new industry may be established to produce both ethylene and propylene from raw material sources other than virgin fossil sources like imported shale gas.
  • The ambitious objective for the FuturePack project is to lay the knowledge-based foundation for development of new process industry in Norway, based on raw materials available in Norway from plastics recycling or from today’s or future biomass. This will enable Norway to be self-supported in the circular economy and avoid today’s costly and environmentally unfriendly transportation of Norwegian plastic waste across borders. New industry and new jobs are expected in the cyclic plastics value chain. The Norwegian packaging industry will increase its competitiveness internationally.
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